Sunday, May 29, 2011


I just wanted to stop before church to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day weekend. Since I have to work tomorrow we are celebrating today.
I am so proud to be an American and I appreciate soldiers that serve my country with all my heart. I realize that there are so many unseen heroes out there.

Let me share a layout I made using the fantastic red, white and blues... which I love so much. I thought it is appropriate for this weekend.

These awesome papers are from the I Love America line from Best Creation.

Have a wonderful day!


Christy said...

Did the letters come that way or did you do it? If you did it, could you do a mini-tutorial? Thanks! I love your page!

Janine Rachau said...

Really cute! Love this!

~Christina~ said...

That layout is awesome, and those letters kick butt!!!! I'd love to know how you made them :)

LisaNRoxy said...

Very cute layout!!

Diana said...

great layout!