Friday, May 7, 2010

Scrap Whispers

Today I am guest designing at a challenge blog called Scrap Whispers. It's a really fun site. Here's what it's all about:

Do you remember playing the game Telephone or Whispers when you were growing up? You know, the one where everyone sits in a circle. The first person thinks of a phrase, which they whisper in their neighbour's ear. That person then has to repeat the phrase to the next in the circle and so on. The whisper gets passed around secretly person-to-person and eventually the last one has to exclaim the phrase out loud. More often than not the phrase at the end is completely different from the one the group started with and everyone takes pleasure in how much it has changed. Well, there is a scrapbook version of this game, only it's played by scraplifting a layout and passing it on to someone else in a team.

Fun, right?

Today's challenge is to make a theme around the word "change" and also to incorporate something altered onto the LO. Here's what I made...

My How You've Changed

Join in on the fun at Scrap Whispers!!

FYI: I created a sketch for this LO posted on the Your Scrapbook Stash blog. So go check it out!


Luz Maria Bruna said...

What a sweet design and your sketch is awesome as always!!!
Have a great weekend

Georgina said...

Such a brilliant layout Liz and thanks so much for playing along with the Scrapwhisper team this weekend! I'm excited to have found your blog too and look forward to trying some of your sketches!

Michelle said...

This is fabulous, Liz!! I love the products you used!!! I agree with Luzma. Your sketches are awesome!

~Telah said...

I love your layout Liz! Thanks so much for guesting at Scrap Whispers this week!

Kelly said...

Hi Liz,
Thanks so much for joining in with us this week at Scrapwhispers. I'm looking forward to playing along with your sketches.
Love your layout for the Changes challenge.

Monique said...

Love your layout!! You rock those MLS papers!!! and really love the design of the layout!!