Monday, June 18, 2012

Berry Birthday card with twine

Hello and happy Monday to you! Today on Practical Scrappers we are featuring Birthday cards. I made a fun one that I'd like to share.

I included a few instructions so you can make one similar if you like.

1. Have a folded card ready to go.

2.  Cut out an image of a strawberry and leaf using a Cricut machine. Throw the strawberry image out because we only need the negative space for this. Cut the negative sheet to the size of your card. Keep the leaf cut out.

3. Wrap twine from The Twinery around a piece of paper that is slightly larger than the negative spaced image (the strawberry).
Adhere the the twine onto the the top of your card and place the negative image over the top of the twine. I used a foam adhesive because the twine is pretty thick.

4. Personalize!

Check out the Practical Scrappers blog to see more ideas for Birthday cards.