Saturday, August 14, 2010

Garden Variety

No not the scrapbook line (though I love that collection from Cosmo) but the real thing. We have received so much rain from this monsoon season here in AZ that all of our neighbors' gardens have thrives immensely. We did not plant one this year so thankfully our friends and neighbors are sharing the bounty.
Here's what a friend of ours brought over yesterday.

I bet you can only imagine what I made. Oh yaaaaa...salsa! This is my favorite thing to make towards the end of summer. Its so yummy and so good for you! All I needed to add from my pantry was fresh garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Yum! I don't use a food possessor or salsa maker, I love to chop it up into yummy chunks.

(sorry for the pic of the dirty bowl). I couldn't wait to dig in it.

So tell me, how does your garden grow?


Michelle said...

Unfortunately, we did not get our garden in on time!!! :`( Weather was crazy. DH was super busy with work.. that he didn't get it tilled and ready to go. Your salsa looks so good tho!!!! YUM!