Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fall Treats

Its another busy week at the bakery...mainly pies, rolls and such but I have been making some cute Thanksgiving/ Fallish treats too.

Pardon my picture quality. I have a new phone and it doesn't excel in the photo taking department.

Turkey Cupcakes. I love the looks on their faces, they're not really that dumb, are they?

This here is a super yummy truffle cake. It started out like a normal 2layer cake but added melted truffle to the top. Yum!

Ruffles are all the rage in cake decorating right now. I made this 2 tiered cake for my mother in law's birthday. After I ruffled it I sprayed it with fall colors using my air brush machine. Yes, I know....I've been told by several children that it looks like a giant candy corn.

And finally...My DH's grandmother recently celebrated her 80th birthday. I made this cake and cupcake stand for the event.